Are Harris Hawks Native To UK?

Where do Harris hawks live?

Habitat. Harris's Hawks live in semiopen desert lowlands—often among mesquite, saguaro, and organ pipe cactus—and in some savannah and wetland habitats. Territories include high perches such as trees, boulders, and power poles, which the birds use as lookouts, feeding platforms, and for nesting.

Where do falconers get their birds?

Falconers can capture birds in the wild or buy them from breeders. Details about effective and humane traps can be found in books and guides or learned from experts.

Do I need a Licence to keep a Harris hawk?

Because it is not classed as a rare or endangered species and within the EU, a Harris Hawk does not need any form of physical identification or paperwork. Some species of birds that falconers wish to hunt may need a General license.

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