What Eats Little Egrets?

Are snowy egret threatened?

Snowy egret

Why is the snowy egret endangered?

Reason for Decline: By the beginning of the twentieth century, snowy egrets had been decimated by market hunters for their beautiful breeding plumes.

Are snowy egrets carnivores?

Snowy egrets have a carnivorous (piscivorous) diet; they eat fish, crustaceans, insects, small reptiles, snails, frogs, worms, and crayfish.

Are snowy egrets solitary?

Generally solitary in shallow water, and shows a preference for grassy or weedy ponds. Snowy Egret forages in shallow water up to belly deep, rarely or never in grassy or upland situations.

What are snowy egrets adaptations?

Snowy egrets have physical adaptations, or characteristics of their bodies, that enable them to catch food easily. They have long legs with bright yellow feet, and those feet are perfect for helping them find and gather small sea animals.

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